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Home Owners Associations

A community of owners living in a residential development of homes, where each member owns their individual property and lot

Condominium Associations

An association of owners living in an apartment block or building, where each member owns their individual unit

Certified Manager of Community Associations

MAGASI possesses the fundamental knowledge to manage community associations with transparency and act as a trusted partner for the board of directors. We adhere to all federal, state, and local laws applicable to association management and operations, from reporting to compliance. We understand the needs of your community and aim to protect its value in the short and long term.

Services We Offer



Preventative maintenance planning
Contracting service vendors
Supervision of repairs
Annual compliance of building systems
24/7 Emergency line


Bi-weekly inspections of common areas
Staffing and supervision of personnel
Enforcing association bylaws
Compliance reporting
Insurance renewals


Yearly budgeting
Monthly financial reporting
Assessment collections
Delinquency management


Online owner portal
Resident communications
New resident applications
Community event coordination
Amenity reservations
Our Owner Portal

Our Owner Portal

We provide real-time access to all information pertaining to your community, from historical archives to present day financials, announcements, and maintenance requests.
Real-time Access To


We currently manage a five-story, 32-unit condominium association in Coconut Grove, FL with ground floor retail and amenities that include a pool and fitness center. Our property management team has experience in managing a portfolio of hundreds of condo association units, as well as individual condo units for owners.
Our management fees differ by the size and needs of your association, depending on the amount of on-site vs off-site and full- or part-time staff for the association. We are proactive in working with associations to create a management structure that is realistic and meets the budgets and needs of the association.
Since 2021, we have been licensed by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation as Community Association Managers (License #CAB5790). This enables us to meet all regulatory compliance for your community, advise the board of directors, and enforce all association by-laws.

Improvement Projects

Some of our typical association projects include roofing, painting, balcony waterproofing and common area renovations. We also offer project management services.

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